What is crowd1?

Crowd1 is a network company or a club for networkers that is supporting online gaming and gambling.

You can see more information about Crowd1 on Crowd1’s official website at this link [1.1]

You will get passive income when people are playing games like poker and candy crush or doing sport betting, playing lottery and many more.

Breaking news of Crowd1 company

Crowd1 has recently been acquired by a European company: Impact Crowd Technology S.L. (ICT). One of ICT’s objectives is to supply Crowd1’s members with a library of products, apps, software and services to recommend and sell. For each sale, Crowd1 members will receive a commission.

Who is the CEO of Crowd1?

Crowd1 CEO Is Johan Staël von Holstein, He is a well known public speaker and author within the field of entrepreneurship, technology, privacy and digital rights issues and has been perceived as one of the leading Internet visionaries in Europe.

Crowd1 CEO Johan Staël von Holstein on BusinessForHome

CEO of Crowd1

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Sergey Kocherin presents Crowd1 in Saint Petersburg on March 17, 2020.
A professional presentation program takes place in Russia. The program went very well and received many positive signals from the market.
Listen to the beginning of the video, in Russian. You will see the greatness of Crowd1.

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The future of mobile gaming, let the magic begin, we will change everything, the new world you in it.

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 How Much to Join Crowd1?

If you want to join Crowd1, keep in mind that there are different membership packages available for you.
  • The cheapest is the White starter kit which costs €99 and comes with owner rights which have a value of €100.
  • The next membership package is Black and it costs €299. The value of the owner rights is set at €300.
  • The Gold membership costs a whopping €799 and has a €1,000-worth of owner rights.
  • Be prepared to shell out €2499 if you want to purchase the Platinum or Professional Courses package. The owner rights value is set at €3,500.

If you want to join Crowd1, keep in mind that there are different membership packages available for you.

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Bonus Systems Guide of Crowd1

Crowd1 serves ALL our associates with a world-class mix of amazing bonus systems built to suit your individual goals, whatever they might be.

The first thing that you will need to do in order to get started is to join one of the investment levels to qualify for commissions from the opportunity that Crowd1 offers.
What you get for your investment is what the company calls “owner right” shares.
Owner right shares are what the company uses to pay out your returns.
Bonus of Crowd1

1. Binary bonus how it works

Each new sale gives you a different amount depending on their package and your imbalanced points in the left / right binary leg. You need 1 personally sponsored member with a paid package in each leg to get payments activated.
Crowd1 has the most generous binary of all time! You will get paid in full on 1/1 balance, on 1/2 balance and even on 1/3 balance!
New members with you as their sponsor will be placed in your Left or Right leg in the binary structure. You can choose your preferred placement to balance your legs at the Account Settings page.
Bonus payouts are made in real time, as soon as payment is made, binary bonus is paid out! In order to be qualified for this bonus, you must have balance – at least 1 member in each leg, and points within 1 / 3 balance in both legs to maximise your bonus. For example, if You have 1000 points in your left leg and 4600 points in your right leg, you will get 1000 + 3000 points paid out and 1600 points remaining in your right leg.
generous binary of all time

2. Streamline Bonus

The first bonus ever, where you’ll be able to earn money just by joining!
Watch how your Owner Rights value increases weekly without you having to work for it! As the entire Crowd1 community of members grow, you gain! Everyone counts – anyone signed up after you increases your Streamline Bonus and counts into your Streamline Bonus Levels!
Your 1st level in the Streamline Bonus is FREE without qualification!
Streamline bonus of crowd1

3. Matching Bonus of crowd1

Benefit from your team’s bonus!
The Matching Bonus pays out a percentage based on your personally sponsored teams’ Binary Bonus! The number of your personally sponsored members and your member package sets the Matching Level.
Matching bouns of crowd1

4. Fear of Loss Bonus

All Crowd1 members also have access to a unique profit sharing program, Owner Rights and several of the strongest bonus systems ever been presented in online networking, adapted for crowd marketing and online gambling.

Rules and more info

  • The 14 day timer starts when you sign up.
  • You must have paid for your package.
  • The amount you get to keep is €3000 if you invite 4 Titanium members, €1000 if you invite 4 Gold members, €375 if you invite 4 Black members and €125 if you invite 4 White members.
  • If there is a combination of packages, for example 2 Black and 2 White, the lesser bonus, in this case €125, will be what you are qualified to keep.
  • To qualify for bonus you need to hold an Education Package and have one Affiliate in each binary leg that holds an Education package
  • Use this incredibly motivating bonus to get a powerful start of your Crowd1 business!m Get your 4 new members to also take advantage of the Fear of Loss bonus to really make your network take off like a rocket!
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5. Long Term Residual Income

Crowd1 now upgrades the Long-Term Residual Income, making it the world’s strongest online long-term and residual income bonus plan that beats everything in the industry. It turns each level into profit pools based on sales from the world’s largest online markets!
The only thing that controls your long-term income from online products and services is what level you have in the network.
If you have built your network in one or only a few countries, you still have passive income from all countries in the world where Crowd1 generates sales. Each level in the network pool of profit parts that generate returns based on the turnover of Crowd1 online products and services in the world’s largest markets.
The Crowd1 turnover is distributed equally across all 18 levels.
  • If you have reached LEVEL 1, you have profit parts in the Level 1 pool.
  • If you have reached LEVEL 6, you have profit parts in all pools from Level 1 to 6.
  • If you have reached LEVEL 15, you have profit parts in all pools from Levels 1 to 15.
  • If you have not reached any level yet, you will still be a part of the Crowd1 Owner Rights Profit Pool.
Long Term Residual Income
Account of crowd1

Sign up for 1 account and see it all.

You can register for an account with crowd1. At 99 Euro, you can see how Crowd1 works in detail.
1. How is the commission clearly displayed?
2. Specific compensation mechanism how?
3. What benefits will you get when you develop a new person?
4. A good online opportunity now to build a community.
Like me, I got caught up in crowd1 with the 99 euro package and today I have 100% shook hands with crowd1 to build my career. We hope you will invest some serious time to learn about crowd1.
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