Please do not put language barriers

Best friend!
We do not know what country you are in and what language you speak. We think that only English is the first step to helping us have in common. But please don’t let this language gap make us not understand each other.
Crowd1 is truly a great opportunity for POOR and help POOR escape. Just you “The desire to escape POOR is really strong“.
We are developing in many countries and being a strong branch of the world, please join us to help us realize our dreams together.


Myanmar - မြန်မာ

Arabic - عربى




Video introduces the Crowd1 opportunity

Final words of the video above

Thank you for watching videos appropriate to your language. Without your language, we would be sad.
These are the last lines of this article, forcing us to write in English because you know, it’s an international language nonetheless.
Crowd1 is a great opportunity, very suitable for those who have the will to escape POVERTY. I hope that through this opportunity, many people around the world will be able to escape poverty.
Glad we’re a team.
This is our registration link: