The Alpha plan gives you 100 free VIC to you

What is vialcoin

The Alpha plan of Vialcoin

  • The Vialcoin have website: 
  • See Vialcoin distribution here:
  • Difference: The First Cryptocurrency to charge a 0.01*% in transaction fees, in favor of the nominal 0.001 fixed. Fees are tax, and should always be %. All fees will go back to the miners,and all miners are limited to the same, affordable, mining capacity. We apply the most socialistic distribution model, through automation, on the most democratic blockchain that ever existed.

What is vialcoin

vialcoin development roadmap

Step by step to get 100 free VIC

If you know about IT, you can go directly to this link and follow.

Step 1: The Vialcoin uses waves platform, so first thing you have to download waves to get VIC address.

Step 2: Register account at website 

  • In the right corner, you will see the sign up button. Please fill out the necessary information so you can register an account at the website. Remember that it’s free.

Step 3: Log in to website and leave your waves wallet address

  • Use the information you registered to log into the website with the login button on the right side of the screen.
  • You can completely skip step 2 if you have a facebook or linkedin account. You only need to use this social media signup feature, and we encourage you to do so, as it will validate you as a “real person“.

Login vialcoin

Login vialcoin by facebook

Step 4 – Finish: copy your Waves wallet address and paste it at comment of wait a while, usually no more than 24h will get your VIC. 

Thank you for reading this. Take a moment to be part of the VIC development community. When it’s worth it you’ll get a lot.

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