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Stepcoin give you two ways to register a new account, the first you can register with the referral link, the second you can subscribe by email introduction. Next step are the same, you are provide the necessary personal information, email addresses as you have a new account with Stepcoin and you have business immediately with Stepcoin.

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Register new account with stepcoin


Create new account by referral link

By clicking on the link: you chose for yourself is a the Sponsor. This is the best and fastest way to have an account. Registration is completely free for 21 days and one year just to maintain the account is $ 50.

Create new account by sponsor email

If you are at registered page That you do not have sponsor to introduce you to register a new account for yourself. Other to registering with Stepcoin links sponsor above, if you know the sponsor email you absolutely can create a new account by entering an email referral to SPONSORED BY the box that you have right to their sponsored.

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register new account by email


Step finish to complate account

Just declare some basic information of your personal: email, phone number you already have an account at Sepcoin. You have to install the right application STEPFIT walk to earn money for themselves the first stepcoin account.

Wish you success and quickly have more stepcoin.

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